reeds & dreams

Well, both congregations were remarkably willing (though Dunoon takes the prize for most competent group origami ever). Photos here, as per request.

6 thoughts on “reeds & dreams

  1. To give you a bit more to work with, Jeez, the focus was on Moses’ mother: glimmer of God & potential when she sees the child; a time of sheltering the tiny hope and giving it space to grow; then daring to let him go among the reeds, floating on God’s grace. Then praying through that dynamic for ourselves which whatever glimpses of God/ potential we’ve been given.

  2. Beryl, good to see you on Sunday — and for once, for at least a bit of the service, sight was more important than sound.

    Stewart, of Kelvin’s many talents, I suspect leading a congregation through origami projects and floating boats in fonts is not quite his scene.

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