theological resourcer

Molly took the TISEC curriculum into her own paws by deciding that no ordinand’s training in a rural parish was complete without a bit of midnight mousing. So we have reflected on:

  • critical and creative theology: practical application of the moral debate on euthanasia vs. suffering;
    ‘The lord God made them all’ (discuss in relation to your attitudes towards cat and mouse when both are under the bed at 4 am).
  • theological resourcer: clever cat… She passed with distinction at the mythical level 3.
  • servant ministry: lamps ready, garden gloves and catching-towel by the bed.
  • effective communicator: the mouse gained top marks here.
  • prayerful disciple: credit to the mouse again, I suspect (unless my first ‘Oh, help’ counts.)
  • collaborative worker: mouse leads cat into bedroom, cat catches mouse, I catch cat, cat holds on to mouse, I hold on to cat, encourage dropping the mouse and praise the mouse for not struggling and getting pierced. You see how it goes.
  • critically aware person: (always my best category, this) this included rapid assessment of pastoral needs & relative strengths and weaknesses, and planning likely course of action to achieve desired goals (cat and human asleep inside. Mouse alive outside.)
  • effective self assessor: well, the mouse failed, the cat made a good show, and I took top marks, with above goals (mostly) achieved within 5 minutes.

Now, time to check under the bush to see if we engage in prayers of thanksgiving for healing, or turn our minds to funeral liturgies.

One thought on “theological resourcer

  1. I’m greatly pleased to see that you are treating the ‘competencies’ with the respect and seriousness they deserve!

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